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We Make Exceptional Powdered Metal Products

We have an outstanding product development process that will bring comfort to your decision to go with PM — it satisfies the most demanding of customers.

We Thrive On Giving PM Conversion Cost Savings To Small Lot Customers!

Customers of all sizes and volumes can see significant cost reduction when moving from wrought machined parts or cast machined parts to PM—sometimes up to 35%!

We Are The Company That Provides High Quality Components

to industries that need exceptional quality but do not have high volume runs….with good quality systems and fast job change-over times, we are the small lot specialists!

A New Company With A Century Of Experience

construction-equipmentSmall Construction Equipment & Industrial Power Equipment
Pressure/power washers, stump grinders, chainsaws, pole saws, trowels, log splitters, power cutters, wood chippers, industrial robots – all devices that traditionally have small quantities but through gear and structural part conversions to powder material technology, have yielded our customers competitive advantages in the market place while providing them higher profits.



Powdered Metal Parts For Home AppliancesHome Appliances
Washers, dryers, dishwashers, vacuums, refrigerators, microwaves, ovens – all have some form of powder material components is use today and there is opportunity for more cost reduction through advanced PM technologies. Virtually unlimited material variations can be formulated to create specific low cost technical solutions that are durable, lower noise, or reduce weight. FormFast has extensive experience serving this market.



Powdered Metal For Power EquipmentFluid Power Equipment/Hydraulic (And Components)
Pressure control valves, load control valves, directional control valves, manifolds, hydrostatic drives, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic rotary actuators, air motors, hydraulic motors, industrial lifts, scissor lifts, vehicle lifts – multitudes of components and complete systems that have benefited from powder material technology because of its ability to be designed to the surfaces required and to offer both value through high speed production techniques and outstanding performance capability when included within our customer’s products.



Powdered Metal for Lawn and GardenLawn & Garden
Lawnmowers, riding mowers, commercial mowers, rototillers, edgers /trimmers, snow blowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers – this equipment uses many of the components in the fluid power/hydraulic market but also has many unique structural pulley’s, pulley/gear combinations, transmissions/drives, bearing packs, flanges, sleeves, all specifically developed for the customers proprietary product designs. This is where powder material technology can be so useful in custom applications.  The customer gets what they want in a very cost effective manner.  It takes experience to create the proper powder material tools that yield the resulting net shape part, that’s where FormFast comes in.



Powdered Metal ActuatorsActuators/Servomechanism Motors Drive Systems
Assistance to automatically move things is expanding, everything from car seats, automotive mirrors, computer drives, automated valve actions – automation of movement is increasing and gears are making it happen. Some gears will need strength to handle the load and powder material technology is the answer. Powder Material Gears are what we do. If you have a desired action requiring supporting gear actuator mechanisms, contact us and let our technical team help you achieve your innovative objectives.



Powdered Metal For Medical EquipmentDurable Medical Equipment
Hospital beds, wheel chairs, blood drawing chairs, small air compressors/vacuum pumps, medical/dental stools/chairs, adjustable medical tables – all are examples that either use powder material components today or have opportunities to use powder material technology in the future to reduce costs. Items like flanges, sleeves, bearings, thrust washers are simple PM products that we have introduced to customers in their applications to reduce costs while increasing performance.



atvATV’s & Motorcycles
This is an expanding market with advanced designs geared for both recreation and for commercial duty. The opportunity to reduce costs in various gear systems and structural components is only limited to the program engineer’s understanding of the technology capability. Working with our team, we will be a partner that helps allow these cost reductions to reach the marketplace. It takes technology and repeatable quality to satisfy our customer’s customer- that is our objective…help our customers win!



Powdered Metal Heavy TrucksHeavy Truck
This requires an automotive level of quality only coupled with small volume quantities. This is where FormFast is especially effective.  We have the product launch/quality systems that meet automotive standards but our lean culture allows us to make quick changeovers for smaller production lots. Heavy truck producers use fractional amounts of PM compared to automotive. There are lots of cost reduction opportunities to be obtained.  We can work with you to make sure you get innovative consistent functional PM parts in the quantities you desire.



Powdered Metal Parts For Pumps and CompressorsPumps & Compressors
Typically this industry has significant experience with powder metal technology. But powder materials and processing continue to advance to allow for more capability at a lower cost.  If you use PM today, we may be able to go beyond the capabilities of the components you are buying now with a product/material enhancement often with a cost reduction.  If you do not use PM today, contact us, we can assist in your efforts to increase your competitive offering to the marketplace.      

How Can We Save You Money Today?

We thrive on giving PM conversion cost savings to small lot customers! Customers of all sizes and volumes can see significant cost reduction when moving from wrought machined parts or cast machined parts to PM—
sometimes up to 35%!

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